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Procurement Services

procurement services

The process and steps used to receive supplies, materials, goods and service at best and legal price is known as procurement service. Many consumers will not negotiate a fair price for goods or services. The demand of professional procurement service providers has risen dramatically as a result of global market dynamics and the need for companies to minimize and control costs. Most of the organizations are considering procurement service provider as they will help you to save a good amount of money.

At MNB, we perform strategic planning, supplier collaboration, strategic negotiation and sourcing. We mainly use the latest procurement technologies. The main goal of our organization is customer satisfaction. We partner with the Microsoft and HP authorized resellers.

Our efficient team members will understand the workflow and software requirements of our customer that will help their productivity.

Hardware and Software Procurement

Each of your new or existing phones, laptops, workstations are marked and monitored for the device updates and efficiency by using MNB’s hardware asset management services. At MNB, via system monitoring and user policy enforcement, we will protect your company’s data from the device loss or theft. Also we provide the best product to your company needs and budget.

With our software asset management service, your software will be free of imprudent licensing or infringement risks and security compulsion. At MNB, we provide detailed reports to our customer, regarding which software is allocated, what versions are installed on their network, and how often software is utilized thorough out the organization. Your organization becomes more efficient and productive by understating the workflow and software requirements of your employees. Our main aim is to focus on a budget-friendly procurement process.

procurement Software and Hardware