Digital Marketing Trends 2021

The 2020 has been a frenetic year for all the marketers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This current situation has altered how businesses operate. As 2021 is approaching, all the marketers are looking forward for the innovations in digital marketing to identify new opportunities that can agile their businesses.
Here we are going to discuss some of the key digital marketing trends for 2021 that your business needs to focus to generate more traffic and leads.

Google Listing and Local SEO:

If you own a small business, you should update your business details in local results frequently as Google regularly updates their local SEO algorithm. Local SEO is more powerful as it shows business with their geographic location. So people who are searching for a specific type of business can find you easily.

Google needs to verify your business details, for that you need to sign up in Google My Business and claim your listing. In local listing you need to geographically specify your service area and this will help your business to show up in “near me” search. You also have to keep your local listing up-to-date so that your customers will know of any changes in your business.

Featured Snippet:

The main goal of SEO in the past years was to be on the first position of search results. Now in 2021, the end goal has shifted to position zero or featured snippet.
Featured snippet displays relevant information while answering user’s questions without the need of clicking on the article. This is called as no-click search.
There are many ways to target the featured snippet yourself. Try to make your ‘how to’ list a little longer so that the snippet’s information is cut off and users have to click on your site to see the full list. Also use schema to enhance the content to attract the users to your website.

Voice Search:

The use of voice search has increased in the recent times. People finds it easy to use voice search than typing into search engine. This increase in the use of voice search has made all companies to rethink about their digital marketing strategy.
Voice search results shows different results than if the user had typed in Google search bar. While writing the content you have to choose the keywords people may ask when using Siri or Alexa. The voice search trend is not going to slow down in recent times.

Visual Search:

Users can upload an image and get information about it instead of typing the description into Google. For example, if the user uploads a plant photo or a landmark image, the search result will be species information or historical data respectively. Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, CamFind and other search tools turns user’s camera into search bar.
In order to optimize your images and videos for visual search, you have to include alt text in your image and video description, need to use top quality images and videos, need to create a dedicated image sitemap and also include the target SEO keywords in the file name of the image.

Interactive Content:

Interactive content has begun to gain serious traction among marketers in recent times. It’s perfect to introduce interactive elements to your website or social media as you can get visitors to connect with the brand and learn more about them.
Interactive content like quizzes, polls, contests, calculators, etc. help you to make wonders for your brand. Interactive content generates the results your business need as it is more

Online Reviews:

Online reviews are playing a vital role in deciding whether a business will go broken or become a roaring success. Getting several reviews from a verified source will make your business stand out from the competition and builds peoples trust.
For a business, if you receive reviews through Google Business, it is more useful as Google Business is one of the most trusted sources. Another excellent source of online review is Facebook. You can use them as testimonial page on your website.
In order to increase the review you have to provide a simple link to your Google Business listing, so that your customer can easily leave a review.

Personalized Content:

You need to personalize your marketing (i.e. you need to personalize content, products, email, etc.) to stand out in this new trend. You need an inbound marketing strategy that is personalized to your users to make your content distinct from others. The content you use needs to be hyper-targeted to the specific client you are trying to reach from call to action to the landing page copy, otherwise it will go unnoticed. So in order to create a personalized content you have to first integrate your customer relationship management (CRM) software with your CMS or website so you can start separating your customers and leads into populations. You can establish a relationship simply by addressing an email to a customer’s name or using their location to deliver targeted emails.
While creating a personalized content, you have to remember that the content should be brief and it should not go too much in-depth details of their interests or behavior.

The above mentioned digital marketing trends are going to be a game changer for 2021. These seven trends will help you to increase the traffic on your website, generate more leads and increases sales. We cannot predict the complete digital marketing trends as it is constantly changing. In order to attain advantage over your competitors, you must look ahead and strive to accept new technologies, tools and strategies.